Hidden treasures of Peru

Visiting Peru? To visit Machu Picchu or to wander through the country’s hidden gems? Machu Picchu, Cusco, is the one landmark and attraction people think about whenever you mention Peru. The country, bustling with tradition, award winning cuisine, tropical weather, love of the Peruvian step horses and warm-hearted people.

I have been spending the last three months travelling around Lima, Peru’s capital, but also visiting its outskirts such as Huancayo, a North district in the mountain range, and Pozuzo, part of Oxapampa located in the jungle. Being founded in 1891 by a settler son of German and Austrian parents. Ever since this traditional little village has stayed true to its heritage and when you visit you feel as though you have left South America and headed to Europe.

Although it is relaxing visiting the outskirts of Lima, the Capital has great peaceful areas that one can get to rather easily. Playa Pucusana is a great example. The beach itself is very small, and doesn’t consist of much sand but why not take a boat ride for a little cost or relax by the sea. Their many restaurants is a great spot to relax and enjoy the Peruvian culinary art. The freshness of the air and peacefulness makes the trip worthwhile. Miraflores is possibly the most touristic part of Lima with its many delicious restaurants by the sea situated in the infamous shopping mall next by the coast, Larcomar.

I have to admit being in the city for so long with no escapism to nature can drive you a little insane, that is what disconnects Lima from other Capital cities around the world. Miraflores is the most praised part of Lima with the majority of the people willing to pay extra for a small apartment instead of living in the spacious commodity for a more reasonable price. Having the ability to shop high street and designer stores and eat award winning food in front of the coast, is something you cannot find in many Capital cities in the world. Also paragliding is a must in the summertime, around Christmas time. Miraflores is home to its most prized restaurant, La Rosa Nautica where one can eat the best food with the best view! Moreover one can not forget Parque Kennedy, home of the friendliest cats in the world, where you can relax on a sunny afternoon surrounded by nature, eating soft ice cream and watching the cats play.

I still have around three months left to discover more of Peru and become more infatuated learning about their rich culture. Of course, I still have many places to visit with the most important one being Machu Picchu, a true wonder of the world! For now, I hope I have at least merely expressed the amount of beauty this country has to offer simply by using words to describe what my eyes see and my heart feels.



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