My time in Sao Paulo

Visiting the only part of South America where speaking the language was a barrier for myself, made me feel like an actual tourist again! Brazil is seen to be progressing rapidly, and this can be seen by the divide the rich and poor show. The middle class is virtually non-existent. You either have the money or not. However, due to this divide you can see the difference in the city. The ‘rip’ within the city.
Travelling from the airport to the main city, one can see modernisation but once you delve deeper there is an ‘old’ side of town which is filled with abandoned buildings and needs a touch of modernisation to make it feel safer for tourists. However, the ambient is filled with life and tradition.

The people make the city not seem so bad after all as there are many wealthy companies and businesses bustling with money. Once you swerve away from the ‘old city’ everything changes. Major car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini display their untouchable vibrant designs as well as designer clothing stores such as Tory Burch, and Swarovski. Your eyes are bombarded with the stunning architecture of the five-star hotels, one which I visited, Hotel Unique. A true experience of how the elite spends their days. Why even use a hand towel once, just throw it away each time you wash your hands.
It is clear to say that Sao Paulo is moving in the right direction. A city booming with architecture rather than the natural beauty Brazil is usually associated with; it has to be done artificially. It is not close to the beach such as Rio de Janeiro, however with it lacking natural beauty; it has to be done artificially.


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