Being a travel ‘addict’

If there is such a term, then sign me up for it! This post is a little out of my ordinary writing style. Here’s a little bit about me which I would like to share with the world.
My passion for travelling began since a young age. Pretty much as soon as I was born. Only months of existing I flew out to Peru, where my mother is from, and my family still live. I was born in Germany, where my father is from, but two years after and a few holidays in between we moved to the UK. I was two when I first got onto the ferry and sailed to this Island. Since then I have lived there for 16 years. During those 16 years of my life, I have visited the majority of Europe. Berlin, Frankfurt, the most popular places known to tourists in Germany. I was born in Hanau, where many of my family members still live and have visited them recently, only a few months ago. Little has changed in the little village. Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium also, for holidays and family bonding times. What I love about Europe, is the fact that it is so different! They are all united but all immensely different, like a huge dysfunctional family. Greece, Spain, Portugal, South of France are immensely warm with beautiful beaches something the rest of Europe cannot show off. However, the UK, Germany, and the rest of the colder climates can speak proudly of their beautiful forests and frosty scenery in the winter months. Every single country is uniquely different and the fact they are all bundled together is something to be proud of living in Europe.
Since a few months ago I’ve been spending time in South America, living here for the past 3 and a half months. Their culture and traditions are strongly felt by every individual, and they are so proud of the history their country obtains. Being completely different from Europe, and such a breath of fresh air for somebody who has lived in Europe all their lives until now. The feeling of adventure and experiencing something new mesmerising.
The fact that my great-grandparents, grandparents, and my parents met each other in a certain country when both came from different countries has certainly had an effect in the way I see the world, and my eagerness to explore it all!
Learning about people’s lives and their ways of living is something so addicting! I could never think to stay in one country for more than a few years, I always get the need to explore and hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to visit every continent even if it only means one country in it.


3 thoughts on “Being a travel ‘addict’

  1. I think I am getting addicted also 🙂 Germany two days ago and Norway in the next month…

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    1. It’s certainly a good addiction to have! Apart from its cost. Happy travels 😋😀

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