Keeping yourself looking and feeling awesome while travelling

When travelling especially for long distances and having various stops around the world, it can leave you feeling exhausted and that can show, immensely! Your skin can feel dry and undereye bags can begin to show. This is a sign that you’ve got to look after yourself. Don’t let yourself think it is not important just because you are travelling! Not only will you show the world you lack sleep and hydration, but to make the most of your adventure you have got to feel awesome on the inside and outside! Here are a few of my tips and tricks I’ve learnt while travelling.

No.1: Always keep hydrated, with water!
Sure, it can get annoying using the toilets at every opportunity, especially when you are on a plane, but not drinking enough not only makes your skin feel dry and cause breakouts but you will not be able to sleep profoundly when thirsty. Bring a bottle of water with you at every opportunity and aim to drink at least 2 litres daily! Fill it up at every opportunity but be careful when drinking tap water as different countries have different bacteria that your immune system will not be accustomed leaving you feeling sick. Buying water may be an easier way than filling up your water bottle. However, if you do bring a bottle, ask the air hostess to fill it up, and sip throughout your journey. Try to steer away from coffee as you will feel exhausted and not as relaxed as you should be!

No.2: Bring fresh, healthy snacks before boarding!
If you are an excessive traveller and boarding many different planes with the little time lapse between them, flying for a long amount of time the food given planes can leave you feeling bloated. Their food contains a high amount of salt, for it to not rot as quickly as fresh food, therefore, resulting cheaper for the airline. Buying fresh snacks beforehand and taking them on board gives you a healthier option and also the ability to eat whenever you want. Everybody knows having too much salt in your diet can be bad for you, but it will also tire you out quicker and not give you the sufficient energy to enjoy your destination once you land. You’ll want to explore not sleep once you land.

No.3: Bring your eye mask and earmuffs!
To sleep profoundly, these are a must! There will always be noise from people talking, and probably that odd baby crying, you never know! So to be sure and escape into your dreams, bring these! On long distance flights, you will always be given a blanket and pillow to complement your trip. Therefore, you’ll have no need to bring a neck pillow with you.

No.4: Make the most of the plane’s toiletries!
After your lovely nap, you should freshen up to feel more awake. The majority of airlines now carry moisturiser and lotions in their toilets, so make the most of them to keep clean and fresh. Carry a small bottle of perfume, travel size, to spray yourself with, rinse your face with cold water or spritz yourself with something such as mac’s fix plus and it will leave you feeling awake!

No.5: Wear your most comfortable clothing!
This may seem an obvious thing to do but I see many people wearing dresses and heels. Remember it is not a fashion show and you have to remember you need to board and get off the plane safely. The plane will sometimes require you to walk up and then down the stairs to get off and get on the shuttle. Always remember your safety and that people can get impatient!

No.6: Bring a backpack instead of a mini suitcase!
If you have a backpack or handbag with you, you can easily slide it underneath the seat in front of you and take out whatever you want whenever you need it, without having to stand up and block the hallway when people want to walk past. Also, once you land, you can quickly rise from your seat, grab your hand luggage and get off the plane while everybody else is wrestling one another to attain their luggage.

I hope you find these tips helpful for the next time you fly!


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