Capri ‘sun’ Island


Capri, the small island in Italy. Where many rich actors and celebrities live. Home to stars such as the inventor of Nutella (a true legend) and Faye Dunaway, a stunning actress. It was home to many more, such, not forgetting Hollywood actress turned Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. This tiny island is home to a few inhabitants and praised by many tourists. The weather is fabulous in the summer months and so is the food, so I can definitely see the appeal! A great way to accompany the gorgeous views, morning, noon and night.

‘A playground for the rich’ many people say, and it is true. It is a gorgeous place for your vacation. However, the hotels can be expensive, and the island is occupied by designer stores. Whenever you turn your head, you’ll see them. There’s no escape. So if you want to rent a speedboat and lounge around in the sun with the ability to shop in the best designer stores such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton accompanied by 3-star Michelin dining and sipping the finest wines Italy has to offer, this is the place! The Island is pretty small measuring 10,4km squared. Therefore, the streets are super slim, and cars are forbidden. The only means of transport you have been your legs, a bike or a moped for two.


The Island is a stunning location with views you can see from high peaks. When you are at the top of ‘Monte Solaro’, you get lost in a dream, especially when the sun is getting ready to call it a day. When taking a speedboat ‘La Gruta Azul’ is a must see! Basking in the sun on your boat makes you remember why you paid so much money to have your vacation in Capri. Remember to apply sunscreen regularly. However, the UV rays are super intense! Not all the beautiful views are free in Capri, like when you want to spend some time at the ‘Capri Philosophical Park’ you have to prepare to pay one euro. If you want to spend time at the beach, Capri is not great for that. Their beach is very small and with little sand full of boats parked at the harbour. It is not a very relaxing place to spend time.

La Gruta Azul

I have to say it is a great place one should visit once in a while as it truly is a very relaxing experience. There isn’t much to do, activities wise, but taking a tour with a guide and learning about its history is truly fascinating. I totally recommend it and say it is an experience one should try even once in their life! Also, if you do not want to spend so much money on hotels in Capri, you can visit Naples instead and travel by boat from the harbour to spend a day in Capri.

The view from Monte Solaro




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