The Latin Spirit

It is a strange sensation adapting to the warmer climate and knowing you will not be having a white Christmas. Leading up to Christmas I was not feeling the Christmas spirit and was feeling somewhat lost without my rather a faithful companion, snow. Everybody who knows me knows I love snow, especially at winter time. It fills me with warmth; naturally, I cannot feel that heat. It brings a sprinkle of happiness for everybody no matter how much people complain about how they feel towards it. Without snow, I thought there would be no Christmas, but I was wrong.

Living in the UK, Christmas was always filled with cold and frost, sometimes there was snow, but usually there was always snow for New Years. There never seemed to be much of a celebration of the Lord’s Birthday; it was mainly a manner of wasting money, ending up bankrupt and ending up drunk, only to feel miserable after especially if nobody bought you a wonderfully wrapped gift with something you could put to use. Enough about Christmas itself, the spirit in Peru is jolly, and you finally forget about the bearing sun and it being Summer time. Everywhere you go, it is beautifully decorated. By the hands of an angel, due to the amount of thought involved. It is a rather big celebration worldwide; apparently, I do not know how other parts of the world celebrate it, but here it is easy to get infected by the joy and Christmas spirit everybody shows.

At my local shopping mall, in the San Miguel district
The warm welcome you receive once you land in Peru, this can be seen just outside Jorge Chavez airport

When it comes to New Years, a week later, the amount of happiness to start the New Year in style is booming! Before 12 am everything seems normal, all the stores are still open same with Christmas Eve, and the party only really starts at midnight until early dawn. Fireworks overwhelm the city for a good 20 minutes non-stop, and the celebration is soon to continue! You have to celebrate it with the sound of Latin music and enjoy a pisco or two. However, many companies such as Buses and a few restaurants do open on these festive days, there is no stopping for some people, so you always know you can get to places and have food, whichever day, no need to fear if you want either here.

Christmas and New Years are massive celebrations worldwide, and it is beautiful to experience different cultures! One year maybe consider visiting a foreign country and take in all the spirit and customs they have for these special occasions.


Enjoying the wonderful display of fireworks!

2 thoughts on “The Latin Spirit

  1. It’s great spending Christmas in another country, isn’t it. It’s different in Peru. Christmas was spent in Cusco, which was our first Andean Christmas. Enjoy your stay in Peru!!

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    1. It’s a mesmerising experience, enjoyed it thoroughly! I’m glad you enjoyed Christmas in Cusco! Thank you I shall, actually thinking about staying forever 😄👍🏼

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