Admiring tranquility

Living close to the beach in Peru means I spend most of my days chilling by it. Feeling stressed? To the beach I go! I can see so clearly how relaxed it is by the beach than when I head to the city and I’m stuck in traffic for hours on end with multiple people annoyed and honking their horns. Instead of lounging around in my apartment watching Netflix I prefer to head outside take a nice stroll by the beach and simply stare into the ocean. It certainly is an awesome meditating technique!

Beachy photography

Another awesome thing about it is that not many people visit it so I receive absolute tranquility! One thing I will most certainly miss is the clashing of the waves and the ability to escape reality so quickly. So make the most of it if you do live by the beach, I envy you haha, and whenever you get the opportunity to be alone with your thoughts do it!


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