Forgotten warriors – ‘Los Wari’ of Peru

A country known as the home of one of the oldest and bravest civilisations, the Incas, holds a deeper and richer history in its core, the Wari. I engaged in their past a short time ago but visiting some of their Huacas, a burial system similar to the Egyptians where they shared some beliefs of death. They closely resemble Pyramids, however, given by the structure of them it would be false to call them Pyramids.

Huaca Pucllana at night in Miraflores
Huaca Huallamarca in San Isidro

The Wari were a civilisation between AD 500-1000 nearly 500 before the Incas ruled a vast amount of the west coastal area of South America, their main base being Peru. In Particular Peru’s Capital Lima, where many of their Huacas are situated. The Wari Empire could not be argued as being stronger than the Inca Empire. However, they lasted five times the amount in which the Incas did. With the Inca civilisation being recorded as starting in the year 1438, unfortunately, their Empire lasted a little less than one hundred years as the Spaniards reached Cajamarca in 1532.

Death of a female Wari
‘Mummified’ similar to Egyptian beliefs, the deceased would be in a sitting position and they would stuff them and create a fake face and also place food into their grave to ‘help them get to their next life’

Lima, now a booming city with 8.473 million inhabitants and over 3 million tourists visiting the city last year, is a treasure and home to many of the Wari, their skeletons and graveyards being preserved until this day.

The old mixes with the new. A family buried in the Huaca graveyard where you can admire the city of San Isidro from above.


16 thoughts on “Forgotten warriors – ‘Los Wari’ of Peru

  1. wonderful blog, you are so well traveled and your words are so entertaining, thanks

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    1. Thank you so much for the positive comment! I’m glad you enjoyed reading the article! There will be many more to come 😁

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      1. I learned alot to, had no idea about the Wari and how the incas were new , only 100 years gold

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      2. I’m glad you learnt something new through my blog! Every country in the world is super rich in history, that’s one of the main reasons I love to travel so much to uncover hidden and forgotten cultures!

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      3. well you photos are great and so is your story tellling, i’m so happy i found your blog, where are you now ,i’m in borneo haha

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      4. That is such a sweet thing to say! Thank you so much! It always puts a smile on my face when people compliment my work 😁 I’m in England, surrounded with the wonderful British weather haha. Hopefully not for long though I’m just waiting to get my passport renewed so I can begin my travel journey again! Borneo is so beautiful! I haven’t been, yet, only seen pictures on google but you’re so lucky to be there right now! Sending you positive energy for your day, hope you have a good one! 😊


      5. oh yes i did learn something, and it’s great traveling you are doing, so far, and thanks for sharing your experience with us, its never easy or cheap to file these kind of reports

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      6. No problem! I enjoy sharing my adventures and knowledge with the world! I’m so happy you are enjoying them as well 😁

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      7. yes i’m enjoying them very muchthanks

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      8. great, i’m looking forward, loved the photos too

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      9. Thank you! I will be posting many photos since I love taking so many while I travel haha!


      10. great, i don’t post my pictures, but i have them hehe

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      11. Haha, they’re a great way of collecting memories aren’t they? Saves me from buying a ton of souvenirs too!

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      12. yep gotta agree, best memory is the photo hehe and sharing them is caring too .. souvenirs are heavy right?

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