1st civilisation in America – Caral, Peru

A new found land, recently discovered and now part of the UNESCO world heritage site, as being one of the first civilisations to have marked the history of America. The archeological site is still in excavation as we are still discovering the history behind the people who created the civilisation 5000 years ago occupying the coast of Peru.

Only a couple hours away from Peru’s capital, Lima, a comfortable coach trip for around $20 per person is worth it, to witness a new land and culture being discovered in Peru. Hopefully it can become as popular as Machu Picchu one day regarding it’s important history for not only South America, but the whole of the American continent.

This blog post is rather short because the area is relatively new and not many answers have been fully answered. It is useful to go on a coach with a tour integrated to explain the work they are accomplishing in Caral, located in Supe.



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