Being back in the UK

After a year of travelling abroad and spending a year living in the South American country of Peru, I can be safe to say that I am enjoying tranquillity back in the UK. It has been exactly a month since I have been resting in my home. Although the experience was excellent and I am planning on doing another one sooner or later, I am happy to be grounded for the time being at home.

Possibly one of the main factors I lack right now is the amount of vitamin d I am receiving, as the sun does not melt you to the ground as it does in South America. It is a nice change to be able to breathe new air, see the difference in customs, and not be cramped until I physically cannot breathe on a bus. Overall I had an enjoyable experience, and I’m ready for more!

As for anybody planning on moving to a different country, continent or aiming to save enough money to do ‘extreme’ travelling for a while, I always say it is always worth it for the experience and life lessons you gain from it either if it good or bad, travelling is never a bad choice. For my next journey in a few days time, I’ll be making my way around new cities and countries in Europe which I have dearly missed, including Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France. I shall post my stories here as soon as I have lived it.


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