A European Adventure – Bello Milano

In the North of Italy, is situated Italy’s most prominent city of high fashion, with Milan Fashion Week being hosted there every year. With its richness in style, Milan is the heart of history, art and architecture along with some of the best tasting food and hot climate, where else would you find everything in a single city? Look no further if what you crave on your next holiday was included in its list of attractions.

Paying homage to one of Italy’s and the world’s greatest inventor and artist, Leonardo Da Vinci who briefly lived in Milan during his lifetime, is the Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci, in which it contains many of his inventions. Everything from the evolution of science to modern day artefacts is displayed in this carefully presented and interesting museum. With it being only a 15-minute walk from Milan’s city centre, it is worth visiting.

Milan is filled with tourist attractions, the most recognised being Milan’s Cathedral, Il Duomo, and Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper Painting which is located in Santa Maria de La Grazie, a small building in the heart of Milan.
No reservation is needed to visit the Cathedral although if you want to visit the inside, you will be told to wear a long skirt to cover your legs, at least you knees, and you cannot be showing any shoulder either. So be prepared if you are thinking of visiting the inside. However, if it is a warm day and you want to make the most of it, you can purchase tickets to see the city of Milan from the rooftop of the Cathedral. You can take the lift which costs 7 euros – 13 euros or you can take the stairs which are half the price. However, on average it takes half an hour to walk so make sure you have comfortable shoes. The architecture and city views are what attracts thousands of visitors every year to admire the Cathedral which took nearly six centuries to complete.
To visit the main attraction of Milan, Leonardo Da Vinci’s mesmerising Last Supper painting, you will need to reserve tickets at least a month before your stay, as tickets sell out fast! Especially during summer.

The view from the terrace of Milan’s Cathedral

As for transportation, trams surround Milan and is a very practical manner to get from one corner to the other. Although my preferred style of travel is by foot, in order to soak in every aspect and street of Milan and truly see how people live their lives there. You also save some euros as well, but if you run a tight schedule, sometimes you will not have the time. In the heart of Milan, everything is accessible, from high street to designer shops, souvenirs to buy to take home, hotels, main attractions and delicious places to eat, straying a little further allows you to see little gems of street art and ice cream shops.


Many say that Milan is expensive, but it does not differ much in price than the South of Italy. The Southern part of Italy has a reputation for danger, which is slightly in some aspects correct whereas the Northern areas hold a more relaxed atmosphere and even in crowded areas there is no need to worry about a robbery. Although as in every day simply look after your possessions and everything will be good. In my experience, I have witnessed Milan as a friendlier and more understanding city than places such as Naples and Pompei. Each city holds its beauty and discovering the unique of each place is what makes travelling an adventure!


4 thoughts on “A European Adventure – Bello Milano

  1. I love your post it sounded like an amazing time. I did not know much about Milan, but now I do after reading this. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you! Milan is amazing and stunning! Especially the Duomo di Milano. I’m glad you enjoyed my post 🙂

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