A European Adventure – Magical Monaco

Monaco, a home to millionaires with yachts covering their Mediterranean ocean. With beautiful architecture and a gorgeous view of the sea, which glistens in the sunlight resembling crystals in one’s eyes. Amidst the designer stores, excellent cuisine and lack of parking, let’s destroy the stereotype that everything is ridiculously expensive, including the food and that everyone there drives Lamborghini’s. Because that is a lie. The food prices are equal to anywhere else in Europe, and the majority of cars driven there are ‘normal’. The same as which anyone in the world can afford.


Alongside the recognisable curvy streets and their mounts of apartments which range from one million euros upwards, the small, tax-free, country of Monaco offers the beautiful Oceanographic Museum, the exotic garden, opera house, glitzy casino and the glamorous Palace of Monaco. There is a lot of history, culture to see and experience.

With scorching sun tingling your skin at summer, and the misty cold of snow in Winter, Monaco as part of the French Riviera, has very separate temperatures, beauty in all of them. Therefore visiting any month as a tourist is worth it. There is also local transport, by bus, from Nice to Monaco to Menton which is a reliable and practical method of transport if you have time to discover other regions in the French Riviera. If you have the money, you can rent a helicopter to go to cities which are slight further away, such as Saint Tropez and Cannes.


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