A European Adventure – Birthday in Cannes, France

Last year I was spending my birthday in sunny Peru, although the weather at the time was not as pleasant as Cannes due to the difference in Seasons. I find that spending my Birthday in a different country is my gift, and is far better receiving a memory than a few materialistic goodies. My Birthday week in the sun was glorious, and Cannes was as majestic as ever. The weather was still scorching during September, but by the end of the first week, the temperature was decreasing rapidly. So we did leave at the perfect time.

View from my hotel room, Le Grand Hotel
The meal that mattered, my birthday meal!

Cannes is the perfect destination for a getaway. There is nothing much to do apart from relaxing on your sunbed soaking up sun rays, go shopping in their various shopping streets, which contain both designer and high street items, from food to clothes there is something for everyone. Alongside renting yachts to participating water sports and visiting an odd art gallery or admire the architecture of the Cannes film festival you cannot help but enjoy your day until the very end, with many restaurants closing at midnight or even later. Restaurants and private beaches occupy a large part of the beach, and all of them range in prices, but at either end of the beach, the area is free if you have your towel. Also, it is worth adding that they have their lockers in case you want to go for a dip in the water and need to store your things away. Cannes seems like an immensely safe part of France, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.


The only appropriate season to visit this gem in the French Riviera would be during the summer, or else you cannot fully enjoy the beach. However, the beauty of Cannes calls for everybody and anybody at whatever time of the year, although prices are more than the average than in other parts of France, such as Nice. It is a great getaway with a super friendly atmosphere and people who are happy to help at all times.


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