A European Adventure -Glorious Geneva, Switzerland

The country which founded the international aid of the Red Cross, and famous for the lake named in honour of the country, Lake Geneva, and its soaring alps, which gather a hoard of tourists in the winter months, there is little that the beautiful city of Switzerland lacks. Situated in the French Region of Switzerland, its climate is mainly cold throughout the year with some warmth arriving from the sun during the summer months.



A lot of sights are to be seen and done. With colourful streets surrounding the lake and tranquility at the alps, Geneva should certainly be on everyone’s bucket list. The United Nations are another attraction in the city, however you may only admire from the outside. Switzerland as a whole is very rich in culture, being bordered by countries such as Italy, France and Germany in which each region speaks the language of the country in which it borders. However, there is one thing Switzerland do share and that is tranquility and their currency, the Franc. With it being so compact, once you visit Switzerland it is a great idea to savour each region even if just for a day or two.





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