A European Adventure – Bears in Bern, Switzerland

Switzerland is a land full of beauty. Moreover, their capital city is no other but beauty. Bern is a place I could see myself living in, for the following reasons; It is in Switzerland, and it is utterly beautiful! Let’s not forget about their very famous bear park which gathers hoards of tourists every day. You may be becoming familiar with my obsession with Switzerland at this moment in time. Their atmosphere is soothing, their views are so stunning everywhere you go, especially on the motorways when you can see the incredible height of the mountains which glow when it snows in the winter months.

Who could not fantasise about living in Bern?

Bern offers such beauty and is a unique city. With bright blue lakes surrounding houses and so much culture and art to be seen around the city. You could practically go anywhere by foot due to everything being within walking distance. With their animal-friendly ‘zoo.’ The Bear Park is home to three cosy bears who roam their vast territory and are not sealed in one area. It makes it fun for people trying to see at least one of them a day.
Along the streets, there are some stores and shops. Many things are rather expensive in Switzerland, as many people will tell you, mainly accommodation, however, goods such as watches and things that are not a necessity are cheaper in Switzerland than in any other European country. So you can think about what products to buy on your trip.
Unfortunately, I did not have enough time in Switzerland overall, and my last stop was Bern before I went to Austria. However, I managed to squeeze in a visit to the Paul Klee Zentrum. Home to the vast amount of artwork by Swiss-German painter Paul Klee, who was born in a city close to Bern. For those familiar with his work it is a delight to visit. The tickets are rather high in price when compared to other art galleries, with regular tickets being twenty Swiss franc, which equates to sixteen British Pounds. There is a lot of his artwork to see with both the top and bottom floor being dedicated to all of his impressive and genius artwork.

The warn weather is too much for this bear.
The Bear Park is situated on the left, with homes being adjacent to their view.

Overall, the capital of Switzerland, known for it is uniqueness and beauty, should be on your bucket list, especially if you are planning to visit any other part of Switzerland. The friendly atmosphere and views make it for a perfect short getaway any time of the year. However, be prepared for plenty of snow during the winter months.

The compact and architecture of the streets in Switzerland, very popular in Europe.

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