A European Adventure – My time in Bregenz, Austria

While travelling across one border to another of the countries which I had the pleasure of visiting within Europe, we managed to spend a small amount of time in Austria, before driving to Germany prior visiting Switzerland.

Unfortunately, my time visiting Austria was cut short; I managed to witness the beautiful nature which surrounds the country of Austria and it was a delight. Alongside some of the best butter pretzels I ate, a peaceful city with fun, interactive places to visit for everyone, I endured a spectacular time.

The rather small country of Austria, home to eight a half million people offers an array of sights. With their capital city being home to the glorious event hosted by the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, with their world renown Lipizzaner stallions.

Although Bregenz is a much smaller town, with not many inhabitants and sharing its border Germany the atmosphere is a delight. Of course German is their official language. Therefore, many German tourists roam the city of Bregenz when they decide to touch another country which is a short drive from their home.

I am hoping to spend far more time in Austria in the future, with a planned trip, not such a casual one as this time! I plan to visit Vienna to catch a show of the stunningly mesmerising Lipizzaner horses, as they are a genuine tourist attraction! Apart from all their beautiful architecture and culture.




4 thoughts on “A European Adventure – My time in Bregenz, Austria

    1. Thank you! I’ve checked out your blog, it’s awesome I love your photography skills! I’m glad you enjoyed Austria as well! 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much for reblogging my article, I appreciate it 🙂

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