A European Adventure -Spending time in Stuttgart, Germany

Throughout my adventure in Europe, I had the pleasure of visiting a vast amount of cities in Germany. Moreover, as always it is great to visit my home country. Having never seen Stuttgart before, I thought that it was a must do, and I was correct.

The city which is the heart of Germany’s auto engineering is the birthplace of both Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. As well as Audi, BMW and Volkswagen, which are the cars everyone drives there. Therefore, as well as admiring and breathing in the city’s vibe, a must see in my eyes are both the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz’s museum, and what a beautiful treat they both are!

Firstly I checked out the Porsche Museum which is situated as you enter the city of Stuttgart. The cleanliness and simplicity are portrayed in their museum as they are portrayed in every Porsche vehicle they produce. However, be warned, it does tempt you to purchase one of the luxury cars as you travel from the moment the first Porsche was created to their more modern sports cars.

Alongside the Porsche museum, you get a 25% discount if you purchase tickets to both the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz museum, so it is entirely worth it as they are priced at 8 euros. They are both viewable within one day, even though they are packed with history about their vehicles and the passion which go into their branding. Once you delve into the Mercedes-Benz museum, you not only learn about the history of the cars and why it was created but also what was happening in the world at that moment in time. The museum is very instructive in that manner, and I did spend more time examing my way around the Mercedes-Benz Museum than the Porsche museum.

I visited the great city for two days, having one night in a hotel. The following day I took the time to stroll around and admire the architecture and lifestyle. Before I departed, I took the time to visit their Natural History Museum, which was inquisitive and engaging. Their only downside was that everything was written in German, so it was not very accommodating to tourists. The tickets are an affordable 4 euros for adults, so it is worth the time if you are visiting Stuttgart.


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