A European Adventure -Frankfurt’s Modernity, Germany

One of the most exciting elements of travelling is seeing the different parts every country has to offer and the uniqueness which every city brings to the country. That is why on my expeditions I am always sure to pack my camera and capture all of its glory it offers me.


Frankfurt is known for being the commercial city of Germany. With its sky-high buildings and being home to multiple banks, there is much diversity surrounding Frankfurt. Although the city is majorly modern, a few old architectures such as the Cathedral remain intact and adds a distinctive character to the city.

Apart from strolling around the town and drinking delicious cold, hot chocolates on a warm day, I visited the Senkenburg Museum of Natural History. With entry being nine euros, it was worth paying after I stayed there for four hours visiting its vast array of taxidermy and skeletal statues, including everyone’s ancestor, Lucy the Australopithecus.

The beautiful town has everyone to offer, including scorching heat weather in the Summer, but expect nothing less but utter cold in the winter time. However, if you are in Europe at whatever time in the year I, think it is worth it, especially if you are visiting Germany.



4 thoughts on “A European Adventure -Frankfurt’s Modernity, Germany

  1. Its a nice contrast, the photos show!

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  2. I live here 😬👍🏻 sending blogging support your way

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    1. That is awesome! Your city is beautiful, my father is from there so it’s always a pleasure to visit it! Thank you for your kind support 😀


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