A European Adventure – Final destination, London, England

One of the biggest tourist attractions in the world is London. With so many visiting the city with high hopes they go home with great satisfaction. Many believe that London is the epitome of all things British, but in fact, it is the most diverse city in the United Kingdom. However, it has everything you would want to do and see for your holiday and is uniquely beautiful throughout the months of winter.

The beautiful Architecture
A Street in Earls Court

With the majority of the greatest tourist attractions free, London is an immensely expensive Capital city in Europe. It is wise to book hotels in advance because they can be tricky to find especially if you want it reasonably priced. My favourite museums and a must-see when visiting London are the Natural History Museum and British Museum, which accommodate much history from all aspects of the world and the best part is that they are completely free!

The city is filled with delightful architecture and it is entirely picturesque! Therefore don’t forget to pack a camera because there are picture moments around every corner. That is possibly one of my highlights of London, enjoying taking the excellent photos of the beautiful views they have to offer!With it being multicultural, you will be able to find cuisines from all across the world, including fusions. However, they stay traditional and isn’t difficult to find a good pub or fish and chip shop to enjoy the full British experience!

The glorious Big Ben
Standing on tower bridge

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  1. This was great! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you! It’s my pleasure sharing my travelling experiences with everybody 🙂

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