Most wonderful time of the year – Christmas & New Year in Berlin, Germany

With lights covering every street lamp, Christmas trees galore and a handful of cheery Christmas Markets, visiting Berlin at the special time of Christmas is a must, at least once in a lifetime!

The highlight of Berlin, Brandenburg gate, decorated for Christmas


With a great variety in Christmas Markets across every street in the Centre of Berlin, you can enjoy traditional German food and drink as well as many other treats from around the world. The majority are free to enter, but a few do cost one euro which you pay before stepping in. Usually, these have live shows, and more entertainment are the ones which you have to pay for, but if you want fairground rides I recommend the free markets, they have a variety from ice skating to Ferris wheels to enjoy.

In the icy and rainy season, be prepared with waterproofs, hats, scarves and gloves so that you can make the most of it, and not worry about the weather! The good thing about Berlin during Christmas is that you can ponder around and have an excellent time without having to pay much, or nothing at all! Berlin is possibly the cheapest Capital city in Western Europe, and hotels come cheaper than other places. Hospitality is excellent in Berlin also, and across Germany. The vast majority of people you meet in the city speaks English, even if they aren’t in the tourism industry, so no problems there! Although I had an icy reception at Manchester Airport, England, I was finally happy to have escaped Britain for a getaway. In both my hotels, a three star and four-star accommodation, Leonardo Royal Hotel and Moevenpick, I had a great stay with awesome service, and they are very close to where all the fun happens!

In regards to celebrating New Year watching the fireworks by the Brandenburg Gate, we were queuing for a little over an hour, with a hoard of people and numerous amounts of security before getting into the main plaza. Everything you’ll need is situated there, so you have a little party with food, alcohol, etc. before midnight. I should also remind people that they do charge for toilets, not sure how much but the facilities aren’t free.

View from the Berlin TV tower, 203m above the city of Berlin.

This post is being written way later than anticipated because unfortunately at the beginning of 2017 I fell ill with a fever! Of course, I couldn’t have too much fun with my body reminding me. All I wish for this 2017 is to be able to travel to more exotic countries and landmarks, as I did in 2016, and to hopefully celebrate Christmas in a different country with a great atmosphere! Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year!​​  ​


4 thoughts on “Most wonderful time of the year – Christmas & New Year in Berlin, Germany

  1. It has been a great year end for you we see!
    Here’s to another fabulous year in 2017!

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    1. I can’t believe the amount of countries I’ve had the pleasure in visiting this past year! Thank you for following me on my adventures and let’s hope 2017 offers us both brilliant opportunities! 🙂

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  2. Have been there once. Oh, you make me miss that wonderful time. wish you stunning 2017! 🙂

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    1. I miss it so much as well and I just came back haha! Thank you so much and the same to you 🙂


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