My week in Wales, United Kingdom

The glory of Wales is depicted by its incredible scenery, wildlife, and lack of sunshine. Having not visited the beautiful country in over a decade I thought it was time to revisit the beauty of the place, enjoying is more than before. I had the honour of being toured to many different locations and hidden gems; I would not have visited if it was not for my friend who is currently living in Bangor.

As I arrived in Bangor, I saw the how much beauty small towns obtain, with the lovely scenery and cosy houses, everybody seemed to know one another and even walking at three in the morning was not dangerous in the slightest. The relaxing atmosphere was created for a perfect little escape, especially if you live in England and wish to run away from your daily troubles once in a while.

For my second day, I had the pleasure of visiting Conwy. It is only a twenty-minute train ride from Bangor. Although they do accommodate to tourists, with attractions such as the Conwy castle and many old-style shops and restaurants, I had never heard of the small town until I visited, and what a delight it is! For anybody visiting Wales, be sure to stop by at one stage of your journey to admire its attractiveness.

The Smallest House in Great Britain, a popular tourist attraction
Another popular tourist attraction, Conwy Castle

The third day was a trip to Llanberis by bus. The ride is nearly an hour long from Bangor, but for a cheap four pounds and fifty pence, return ticket, there is no excuse. The tiny town contains only a few cafes, so the main attraction is its nature. With lakes, fields with sheep, and a slate mine museum, which is free, you can enjoy peace and tranquillity for the day. In summer you get many people who go there to climb Mount Snowdon, so that is also one thing you can do once you are in Llanberis.


The Slate mine museum

My last day of exploring and rigorous walking was to the city of Anglesey. Visiting Bangor’s pier along the way, the walk in total was around an hour. Crossing the Menai suspension bridge, you are greeted with the sign that you have entered another part of Wales, which was Anglesey. Although it lacks uniqueness, the walk is very passive and relaxing as the lake and grass surround you and accompany you on your expedition.

Bangor’s pier
The Menai suspension bridge, crossing from Bangor to Anglesey

Overall, I hope to have inspired people to visit different areas, not just the common aspects which Wales has to offer. It is always a delight to find secret areas in which to ponder, and that is one of the reasons I love to travel. To find yourself where nobody knows your name. I aim to continue travelling this year, mainly across the UK as I feel it has so much more to offer than what I know.


2 thoughts on “My week in Wales, United Kingdom

  1. I love that the tiny house is red and it’s snuggled between the rock and all that white.

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    1. It’s so cute when you see it in real life! I found my dream house that day haha

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