Exploring my own city, Saltaire, Bradford, United Kingdom

When the sun hits the UK, you need to make the most of it! That’s why I took the opportunity to explore what my city has to offer! The world heritage site, Saltaire, was the place I decided to visit. It’s been a while, as since I arrived back in the UK I haven’t had the time to visit properly the historic place properly, but it is always full of wonderful surprises.

The Victorian era houses, with a view of Salt’s Mill
The old-fashioned cafes and shops on the street

Riddled with beautiful Victorian architecture, from their homes to the famous ‘Salt’s Mill’, it is distinguished from other areas of Bradford due to it’s unique and antique design. To accompany its Victorian style, the streets are filled with little old shops, selling antiques to baked goods. ‘Salt’s Mill’ is the main attraction, if you crave old books and miscellaneous items, as it sells everything, from artwork to clothing. Entrance is free every day of the week, from 10am-5:30 pm Monday through Friday, and the weekends stretching its opening time until 6 pm. It has cafe’s and diners making it a great stay for everybody.

Once you enter ‘Salt’s Mill’ you will find this display of artwork and shop on the first floor
Alongside even more art work

For more information, feel free to visit the Salt’s Mill official website: http://saltsmill.org.uk/#

Alongside its human-made beauty, Saltaire could also be known for its fantastic nature. Canals, with boat trips, and a huge park, known as Robert’s Park, makes it a great atmosphere to soak in, especially during the rare warm weathered days in England.

Robert’s Park
The canal at ‘Robert’s Park’ where you are able to go in to have food and enjoy the view

If you happen to be in England, especially in the Northern section, close to Leeds, be sure to spend even a day in Saltaire. It hasn’t been titled a World Heritage Site for nothing, and you will not find anything as unique and Victorian in many areas of the UK.

Another view of another street
The ‘Saltaire United Reformed Chuch’ in all its glory on a sunny day

2 thoughts on “Exploring my own city, Saltaire, Bradford, United Kingdom

  1. A good recommend! Will definitely place Saltaire on the radar!

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you’ve taken interest in visiting Saltaire! It’s a place not many tourists tend to visit, very hidden but very beautiful and historic 🙂

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