A short vacation in Chester, United Kingdom

The city of Chester. A beautiful, timely city with a small tourist attraction offers a lot to please the eye. With rustic architecture and modern shops, there is something for everybody. Pairing a little resemblance with York, you can see why Chester is becoming ever more popular, and a must see if you have a few spare days while visiting the U.K.


With easy access from all destinations, either North or South of England, from coaches and trains, it’s worth to spend even a couple of days touring across Chester City and their famous attraction, Chester Zoo. With tickets costing twenty-two pounds, the price is worth paying for a great day out. Pre-booking tickets online can help you save time, as some days you can expect queues. http://www.chesterzoo.org


With a surrounding, calming atmosphere, you can analyse how the city’s culture and beauty. With the majority of the stores closing at 5:30 pm, leaving restaurants and bars open for a relaxing night to enjoy with family and friends. So even if you may not have heard of the city of Chester before, or opted not to visit because nothing seemed appealing, I advise that it is a great city to explore.



2 thoughts on “A short vacation in Chester, United Kingdom

  1. Ooh..have heard about Chester, but only because Mel told me that silverware of the Chester hallmark is rare!
    Definitely have to check it out!

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    1. Chester is beautiful! I think its gathering more tourism recently than before. I love it! If I could live there I totally would!

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