An adventure in Amsterdam – Netherlands

Amidst the chaos inflicted by bicycles throughout rush hour, and the paradoxical tranquillity provided by the soothing flow from the canals, Amsterdam is a city which is different to any other. From its small streets to its wide canals, the city which is threatened by rising sea level is not threatened by thriving modernity combined with eco-friendly living.


Made famous by artists, such as the renowned van Gogh and Rembrandt van Rijn, this European capital city merges the old with the new. With their art galleries, found alongside the Rijksmuseum in the museum quarter, their existential beauty in the artwork is mirrored in their way of life. Bikes are the trends, and this somewhat old manner of travel is the most popular, with the city being home to more bikes than humans. The tram is the second most popular means of access, as it takes you anywhere in only a few minutes. Which is one of the many perks you will find in being in such a compact town.



The Dutch may not be known worldwide for their delicacies and food; however, they excel at providing delicious and convenient vegan food, with almost every street corner accommodating to vegans and vegetarians.One of my favourites which I visited during my trip was, Le Pain Quotidien, a great little spot for brunch and breakfast, offering a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Another has got to be the Avocado Show, which is reserved for avocado-lovers, hence the name.


The Avocado Show

A great tool which helped me financially throughout the trip was purchasing the I Amsterdam card. This card allows you to have free entry to many museums and the Artis Royal Zoo, a free daytime cruise and an unlimited use of the trams, which is an easy and efficient manner of transport which you will most likely use throughout your adventure, to avoid getting tired out from excessive walking.


Amsterdam is very different, in my opinion, compared to the other cities I have visited throughout Europe. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but it should be visited at least once if your life whenever you get the chance because there is something for everybody to see and experience.



4 thoughts on “An adventure in Amsterdam – Netherlands

  1. Great pictures. That house at the end is gorgeous!

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    1. Thank you! Amsterdam is a great city to take great pics from! Their aesthetic is very camera friendly.

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  2. I can’t wait to visit Amsterdam, has been close to top of my list for a while ❤ glad to know it’s so bike-friendly and vegan-friendly! Are thl vegan as well?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amsterdam is such an environmental friendly destination! And their vegan cafes and restaurants are divine! I would go back simply for their food, it’s so yummy!

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