My reasons to travel

To admire the world’s beauty, soak in the atmosphere through your veins and respect the different dimensions which are all situated on our planet Earth which offers us no other than exceptional elegance are amazing qualities in itself.
Here is a handful of reasons as to why travelling is always on top of my spending list and hopefully convert you into it being on yours too!

1) Life experience is more valuable than materialistic items will ever be
Rather than spending your well-earned money on you are most likely to get bored off in a few months, why not invest money on something that could change for life. Not only does delving into the unknown force your mind and body to adapt to new surroundings but the planning it takes before the trip, has been scientifically proven to increase your happiness with the anticipation of the change of scenery which will be soon to come.

2) It forces you to grow as a person
Just like a plant, humans need to be watered every once in a while with an adventure to grow as a person. Every trip you take is an experience and will expand your mind to understand more of what is around us. Even one adventure a year is better than no adventure at all.

3) You may find that the grass is greener on the other side
You may feel that you a stuck and this is all your life will be. Your calling in life may not necessarily be what you think it is, and to find it you must chase it. A change of scenery is what the mind craves, and it boosts your sense of well-being. Start capturing photos on your phone or camera of energising greenery, and mesmerising white beaches, and you will begin to understand that your life can be as amazing as those pictures you took once you start making the right decisions.

4) Invest in your education
‘Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness’ An eye-opening quote by the early twentieth-century writer, Mark Twain who captured the essence of learning with travel. Going to school may teach you the basics to sustain your life by having a job, but it cannot teach you how to fulfil the life you have been given. Travelling teaches you an array of cultures, languages, recipes, history, design and how different people decide to live their lives.

5) Know your worth
Travelling can be exhausting, painful, joyous, terrifying but it will teach you to become a better person at the end of the journey. If you can go through the perils of landing in a foreign country where you know nothing or nobody you help you understand the feeling of being vulnerable and lost, and you still overcome it. That is how you become aware of your worth, and that is something which nobody can erase from you.

Not only does travel benefits you in your mental and physical health, but overall helps you to create a better life and makes you a fascinating, brave individual with a lifetime of stories to share. To all my avid travellers, keep exploring and stay safe!


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