How to incorporate travel when you are on a budget

Travelling is not only for those with huge sums of cash in their banks. I have a few tips which help me while travelling the world and hopefully help you as well.

1) Bring only hand luggage
This rule is only applicable if you are flying with a low-cost airline which sells cheap flights but charge a high amount for baggage. That is their business strategy as sometimes you end up paying more for your suitcase than for your ticket! So a good technique is to take a carry-on bag and handbag to maximise what how much you can take on board. Soon to come on my blog, I will talk about my best tips and tricks to pack light for your holiday!

2) Don’t settle for the first deal
Do your research it will pay off! It can be exhausting and time-consuming, but if you take out some time before your trip to analyse the best deals online then you can find yourself a bargain! There is much competition from hotels, planes, and tourist attractions and there is a large array of websites trying to get your attention to find the best bargain! They profit from your savings! My personal favourites which help me find good deals are Skyscanner, Kayak, and They are simple to use and give good offers worldwide!

3) Restrict your spending costs abroad
Sure, sounds simple and obvious but the temptation to buy gifts and cute, useless souvenirs are enticing! I have a problem with saying no to little artefacts which I will possibly look back at in ten years, but the best memories are in your mind and your camera! Another remarkable thing about them is that they are free! Taking pictures and living in the moment is what you will treasure for life, so only spend your hard earned money for the food and the experiences you want to have in the country. Leave the shopping at home!

4) Book in advance
The closer you book your flights and hotel to the due date, the more expensive it will be! Booking at least one to two months in advance will mean you will save some extra cash and who does not like to save some money? If you find a bargain which seems too good to be true, it does not mean that it is, it just means that you are lucky! Once you see it, and you wait too long, of course, it will be gone because nobody who saw the deal could resist the offer. So don’t hesitate and take it!

5) Travel during off-peak seasons
Certain months, in particular, December, July and August, attract the most people. If it is possible, avoid these seasons as you can end up paying double the amount for no extra benefit. Plus you are amassed with hoards of tourists, which can be frustrating.

I hope you find these tips useful and incorporate them in your future travels! Tell me which ones you already know use and which ones you find the most useful in the comments below! Happy travelling everybody!


10 thoughts on “How to incorporate travel when you are on a budget

  1. I agree with this list on saving! Nice post (:

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  2. There are many freely available things to do in most places, so look out for them too!

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    1. Absolutely! I enjoy travelling mainly for the freedom of walking through the unknown streets and sitting in a cafe outside to people watch.

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  3. Great advice for travel budgeting:) I have heard before that going to a destination off-peak season does in fact save you money. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks for reading and I’m glad you found my article useful 🙂 I find travelling off-season to be the best. Less crowds and cheaper tickets and hotel rooms!

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      1. Sounds like nothing but perks to me. Less crowds, the better🙂


  4. Some really useful tips ! Such great posts on Budget travel did help me to save some good amount of Currency however ,out of my own travel experiences of recent years , I too have penned down some small but practical tips to get Luxury Hotels as well as some good add-ons (room upgrade , sightseeing etc.) on a budget price .

    You can thank me later on,here’s the post !

    Planning to travel abroad? Just a 5 minute read might save you some money !! 🙂

    Hope you find it useful !! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for spending some time reading my post! And thanks for sharing yours 😀

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      1. Looking forward to your feedback on my blog ! 😊

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