Travelling through Tuscany – Florence, Italy

Home to an era of history rich with art and sculpture, and embellished in amazing culture with stunning scenery. Whether you are a history, or art fanatic, or simply want a short city break, Florence is calling your name! Sharing certain similarities with Milan, from their famed piazza du Duomo to their streets covered in glamorous designer stores. Florence is a real beauty one should visit even just once.


Arriving in the morning with the cheap cost of 8 euro, one way via train from Pisa, I managed to wander through the maze of people and find myself in the warm breeze breathing in the fresh air. My first stop was to see in person their Cathedral, Tower, and Dome which are very easily recognised and leave you speechless. The central plaza has a calming atmosphere, aided by the soft street music, although you do find yourself being careful to not bump into other tourists, as one can become lost between the large crowds. The only free entrance is to visit the Cathedral, although you do have to have your knees and shoulders covered or else you won’t be granted entry. With it being a warm day, street vendors do sell fabric, for a reasonable price, so that you are able to visit the beauty inside. Unfortunately, I did not have time to do that on my only day visiting the city.


A short distance from the Dome, through their famous narrow streets, and you find yourself outside the rather camouflaged exterior of Galleria dell’Accademia. Where none other rather than the famous statue, David by Michelangelo, resides. Alongside David, you see many rare unfinished sculptures by Michelangelo and an array of art to accompany it. Although there are only four rooms to explore and having to sometimes wait hours in line if you haven’t purchased tickets beforehand, it is worth it, especially if you have travelled from far away. Of course, booking tickets in advance would be the smartest option if you know your exact time you will be there. If you are in a rush and don’t have a ticket already, you could go in with a guided tour. Although those guided tours are vastly more expensive, I ended up paying forty euros for my single ticket but it did mean that I only had to wait thirty minutes and got to learn a lot more than if I had entered alone. You do also get to learn more of the history, the art and the sculptures, and the ultimate selling point is that do not have to queue.

Queue to enter Galleria dell’Accademia
Non other than the statue of David. The main attraction

The last thing on my to do list was to visit the marvellous Ponte Vecchio. The beautifully elegant bridge which looks stunning, especially at sunset. Some of the beautiful sunset pictures I managed to capture were a treat! However, I will refrain and only post one of my them on this post.

Ponte Vecchio

Overall, my most favourite city in Tuscany has to be Florence. It was an incredibly difficult decision to make, however, I feel it has more to offer. With a mixture of architecture, beautiful weather, art, history, culture, cuisine and friendly people it is great if you want to explore Italy and everything the country has to offer to the world.

You could only find a mannequin decorated with spaghetti in Italy! Found in a random kitchen shop in a small street

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