My current travel companion

I never forget my little friend when carefully selecting what to fill my backpack with before I galavant on my adventure. For the past year, through endless journeys across Europe and South America, my Nikon P900 camera has been a great friend. Today I will explain how I manage to capture my travel shots with my camera.

Although it is a bulky item, which accompanies many problems especially when adventuring, the Nikon P900 is a great buy for peaceful getaways and avid photographers trying to get awesome Instagram or blog photos. Although this huge piece of photographic equipment can be an annoyance, the quality is impressive, to say the least, and easy to use. These words come from myself, an amateur photographer.

I do like to swap between my camera and my iPhone 6s plus simply due to the excessiveness of my camera. Seen as my phone takes decent pictures, not as glamorous as my camera, on a few trips and days I try to limit my photo intake and give my Nikon P900 a well deserved day off.

Although I highly recommend the Nikon P900, I believe it is more for a relaxed holiday in where you want to find lovely places and practice your photography skills. For the more adventurous traveller, I recommend a smaller camera with less value just in case anything happens it will not be painful to see it go.

My Nikon P900 can be bought in many good electronic stores, and luckily has seen a bit of a price drop since I initially bought last year. Here is a link to one of the stockists if you care to have a look.

My bracelet which is on show in the photo is made by a wonderful organisation in which a percentage of money from sales go to help conserve the planet and wildlife. Their designs are amazing and made from natural stone and wood. Here is a link to their website in case you would like to check them out also if you would like to make a purchase make sure to use code Maria25 for a 25% discount.

Happy travels, fellow travellers!


1 thought on “My current travel companion

  1. We thought of totally ditching the camera, but still find that cameras do have the optical zoom which phone cameras do not. So yeah it will be both for a while!


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