Interview with the founder of

I have had the pleasure of speaking to the founder of and interviewed Caitlin Childs over her new autumn line products. If you have yet to check out her beautiful fashion items, make sure to do so and follow her on all social media platforms in order to keep up to date with the latest products and offers.

1) I have had a look at your summer line; the products are gorgeous and versatile. What was your inspiration for making these?
Thank you so much for saying that! Anytime I think of summer, my mind is immediately drawn to all of the activities available like the beach, pool, park, etc. I wanted to create products that were functional for all of these activities, rather than just being something pretty to look at. I wanted them to serve a higher purpose in everyday life.

2) You have an array of beautiful bags and hair accessories online. For your new autumn line launch, will you be adding new products or designing different styles of bags and hair accessories?
I was once given a fantastic piece of business advice that said, “Find what you are good at and perfect it before you expand.” I feel like I still have more to offer in the accessories industry before I expand. Once I get a great selection of accessories, I plan to expand to home decor and possibly other areas of the fashion industry where my skills would be useful.

3) What else are we going to expect from your autumn line launch?
For this collection, I was greatly inspired by the mountains. I have incorporated a lot of clean lines and rich colors that are reminiscent of a mountain scene. There is also a heavy influence of bundling up against the cold. Each of these products are designed to get you through the cold winter months comfortably and, of course, fashionably.

4) Not only are your items highly fashionable and versatile but a percentage of the money from each sale goes to the animal shelter that you are partners with? Could you tell us more about this?
About seven years ago, an adorable Rottweiler showed up to my door. Unfortunately, a neighbor called animal control on him, and he was relocated to a local shelter. I knew I had to have him and so I went to the shelter to officially adopt him. I was heartbroken to see that this happy, playful pup was now filled with terror and panic. From that point on, I made a promise to myself that I would do whatever I could to make sure these shelters had the funding to make sure that not only the physical needs of these animals were met, but their emotional needs as well. Each month, we donate to a shelter that we have a partnership with. We love creating new relationships with animal shelters who are in need of funding. In the future, I hope to grow this business to a point where I can donate to multiple animal shelters every month.

5) For all my followers who are wanting to see more of your products, on which social media platforms could they follow you?
Right now, we are most active on Instagram (@allthatitseams), Facebook ( and Pinterest ( We love connecting with our tribe and would love to welcome everyone into our little family!

Unfortunately, for my non U.S. readers, for the time being there is only shipping available in the U.S. Great news for all those based in the U.S who will be able to flaunt their new accessories whilst knowing they have also given a part to charity.


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