Welcome to Newcastle, United Kingdom

The modest Northern city of Newcastle may not be as famous as London or Manchester. However, there are many gems that it has to offer for everybody to visit. With its most renown architecture being the Gateshead Millenium bridge, and it’s exciting concert venue, the Sage Centre building, Newcastle is beautifully photogenic both during the day and at night when the vibrant lights make the city come to life.


When it comes relax with some food or drink, Newcastle has welcomed it second cat cafe and is home to the recently opened CatPawCino, alongside Mog on the Tyne, where all cat lovers are welcome to relax, sip some tea and be surrounded by adorable cats.


Although my stay in Newcastle was limited, I found it to be a peacefully beautiful city accompanied with beautiful architecture and great photo opportunities and is opens a new aspect to English cities. It is a highly recommendable place if you want to enjoy a couple of days experiencing the modernity that Newcastle has adapted in comparison to more traditional English cities.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Newcastle, United Kingdom

  1. Along with York, we want to drive the northeast of England some day!

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    1. You won’t regret it! The North of England is quite a contrast to the South, in my opinion, but is great non the less! Hopefully my article has helped you slightly and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

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