A holiday for the senses – Bilbao, Spain

The Basque region of Spain is synonymous with food and art. Having first-hand experience in Bilbao and San Sebastian, I can say that its a liberation for your senses and does not fail to amaze.

Bilbao is a thriving small city, a perfect place for a quick chilled getaway. Their art scene, mixed with the food and wine is simply melodic and a primary reason why you should take the time to visit. With the mixture of contemporary art meets old entwined with their history and culture is glorifying. With huge contributions to art and grandiose exhibitions in the Guggenheim and Museo de Bellas Artes, I would say it comes close to aligning to the French art galleries.


Of course, the infamous Guggenheim, with its cute flower puppy, is the hot spot for tourists to visit. Opening times depend on which season you go, so make sure to check beforehand. For art enthusiasts, I would also highly recommend the ‘Museo de Bellas Artes’ which is very close to the Guggenheim itself. If you wish to take your time in both of these art galleries, I would suggest making room in your schedule to spend four hours in each museum to get a divulge into the art itself and learn more about their pieces of art.



The best place to find the best food in Bilbao I would say is Casco Viejo. Only a ten-minute walk from the Guggenheim, you will find yourself emerged in an old world, with their architecture and cobbled roads. Here you can find many small bars and taverns where locals enjoy the finest of their wine and also nibbles. Many restaurants can be found ranging from all cheap to expensive alongside the roads. I would recommend visiting ‘La Cuina de Jardines’ for delicious mid-range traditional Basque food which will leave you wanting more.

Make sure to try the traditional Spanish Pinchos when in Bilbao

Bilbao is an excellent choice for a weekend getaway with cheap direct flights leaving Manchester Airport on the regular; there is no excuse to say no. Of course, summer seasons are more delectable for visitors due to their hot summer days, but if you wish to escape the hoards of tourists and don’t care for packing extra jumpers with you I would say now is a great time to visit!

A street in Bilbao’s old town, Casco Viejo.



4 thoughts on “A holiday for the senses – Bilbao, Spain

  1. Awesome! Love the puppy 🐶

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    1. Thank you! And so do I! It’s so cute!!


  2. Have to get here. Pinxos!
    Valencia is lovely too if you get chance to visit.

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    1. You sure do! I have heard! Haven’t had a chance to visit yet, but its definitely on my bucket list 🙂

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