Basking in the Spanish sun – San Sebastian, Spain

The peaceful beach town of Donostia, San Sebastián is a great place if you are looking for an escape from the city. Situated only an hour and a half from Bilbao, and close to the French border, it is a refreshing sight to see and experience if you want to relax and swim in the Atlantic Ocean on your holiday.

‘La Concha’ Beach

Very accessible by coach and worth your money with return tickets costing around 14 euro one way, you can spend a day by the sea or even longer. The city is vivacious, and there are many great shops and restaurants/cafes to accommodate to your liking and fulfil you taste buds with all the delectable Spanish food.

The Cathedral boasting beautiful architecture. Looks especially amazing at night

Aside from the glorious beach named ‘La Concha’ due to its shell shape, which you can see the pure form from the beach from Monte Igueldo, which is a great photo taking opportunity as the view is unbelievably stunning. You can be the judge for yourself
as you can take a look at the pictures I took with my Nikon P900. To get to the top of the mountain simply hop on the ‘funicular’ which is the cable car for €3 so that you do not have to strain yourself going to the top using your legs.

The view from Monte Igueldo

Unfortunately, I could only spend one day there as that was the only warm weather which allowed us to visit the beach during my stay in Bilbao. I would highly recommend going in the summer months between June and August especially if you are an avid surfer as the Atlantic Ocean is ideal for hitting the waves, and the soft sand makes it ideal for spending the day soaking up the vitamin D.


4 thoughts on “Basking in the Spanish sun – San Sebastian, Spain

  1. Its a beautiful city indeed, but wouldn’t June-August be too hot?

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    1. Their usual temperature in those months are 25 degrees celsius, so not that warm for a hot country. It drops extensively in September however. It truly is a remarkable place, my pictures don’t give it justice.

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      1. Oh we expected it to be hotter. Perhaps the proximity to the sea helps cool it

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      2. Their weather is a bit spontaneous really, you can get a very hot day and the next the temperature drops ten degrees! But they have more stable temperatures in the July-August months than in mid September.

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