Uncovering British Treasures – Skipton, North Yorkshire

Usually overlooked and maybe not known to many tourists, is the beautiful small countryside town of Skipton in West Yorkshire. With its calm atmosphere and eloquent history, it makes for an excellent opportunity to visit if you have never been even if you only have one day to visit.


Amidst its cute small shops and traditional English pubs, Skipton offers its history in the ‘Craven Museum.’ Although it is slightly compact, it is worth having a look around. Also, it is free of charge, so there is nothing to lose. Closeby you will find Skipton Castle, which was built in 1090 and stills holds its beauty intact. With adults tickets costing seven pounds and the others relatively cheaper, people usually spend an hour and a half, viewing this scenic property is time to spend taking photos and experience life in the castle in the eleventh century.

The entrance to Skipton Castle

With a range of restaurants and bars, Skipton holds its tranquility throughout the evening, which is a nice change from the bustling cities. I highly recommend visiting Skipton, any day or the week as it is easily accesible by railway from all points in  Yorkshire. Although it is a great place to be anytime in the year, if you wish to catch some sun, the months of June and July are perfect times to enjoy the British summer.

Skipton Railway Station



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  1. Oh yeah. York would indeed be a place to visit and explore!

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