Peru; Great for your stomach!

Living in Peru for a whole year, from early September 2015, meant that I was eating, quite a lot and with my sweet tooth cravings that meant I was manifesting through the desserts menu like no tomorrow, enjoying some original Peruvian delicacies as well as some home comforts.

When I first arrived in early September, I delved quickly for my favourite type of food, the sweet treats. From supermarkets, patisseries, and, of course, restaurants. One of my favourite treats are the picarones, which look like a slightly deformed doughnut. They are super super sweet, and you are usually given around 4 with each serving. I sure wasn’t complaining! However, I could not ask for any more as a toothache was my punishment for such a sweet delight!


The shelves at supermarkets are riveted with biscuits, cakes, chocolates, and I would often lose myself when I went food shopping, I hold my hands up for that! With many foreign foods ruling the shelves here, especially English, German, Danish and American candy, it is easy to have some tastes from home which is comforting. My favourite brand of chocolate here, one of the largest as well, is ‘La Iberica’. Created in the early 18th century after the Spanish Inquisition, many Spaniards came here to rule the lands and one tasty concoction they came up with delicious Peruvian sourced chocolate.

With Summer soaring up to 35 degrees (too hot for me!) ice cream is a definite must for me! The largest brand, D’onofrio, and the best in the sense of my taste buds, markets the most ice cream sales in the whole of Peru. The brand is owned my Nestle, and originated from Italian immigrants who arrived in Peru many centuries ago.

The food here is incredibly tasty, something I shall miss. Even their savoury dishes can have a dessert hungry person salivating, with my favourite type of fast food being the Salchipapas. A combination of sliced hot dog and fries. And my all time favourite Peruvian dish being a tie, with Ceviche and Lomo Saltado. I’m going to post more foodie related topics on my blog from my adventures across the globe. Because travel and food certainly go hand in hand. Safe travels, everybody!

Lomo Saltado



12 thoughts on “Peru; Great for your stomach!

  1. Awesome post, I love South America but have not yet been to Peru. I was apprehensive, Peru looks epic though. I will defiantly keep back on my plans to go, the food looks great better than a kebab haha.

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    1. Thank you! And I would 100% advise you to go you won’t regret it! You can read about my experience there to get some ideas of where to go and what to do since I lived there for a whole year I had the pleasure of travelling around quite a bit 🙂


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