Exploring Peru’s tastiest restaurants – #1 Mangos

Eating delicious traditional food can be really cheap here in Peru and it is good quality don’t be fooled by the prices or environment! Of course many tourists will lack this opportunity as they are in remote areas and the staff will most likely not understand English so you have to be pretty fluent in Spanish. However, big named restaurants here offer a great variety of Peruvian dishes at a very reasonable price and with the currency converted, it can be seen as a great bargain! In this miniseries I’ll be discussing some of my most favorite restaurants in Peru, their dishes, variety, prices and locations to give you a feel and hopefully a taste of the food.

I have only had the pleasure of dining at Mangos twice throughout my stay in Peru, but it is one place that I shall revisit once I return. What first attracted me to this gorgeous place was its view! You can see the beach from their outdoor seating area where it is nearly always full. It is located in the Larcomar, a shopping center in Miraflores located close to the sea with a beautiful view. If want a seat there try to reserve it beforehand. However yesterday we did manage to get a slight of the ocean. That is one of the biggest pull factors the restaurant has. The second reason I adore this place is its menu! After I saw what views it offered, I looked at the menu and the food is portrayed in such a delightful way with excellence especially with the desserts! I would think it would be quite pricey, which it is for the average Peruvian by the prices even if we forget the currency is slightly equivalent to Europe, so with the currency it was a bargain! Our two meals combined with a main, dessert and drink ended up being $37! That is usually what one plate will give you.

Chicha Morada with a cherry!


Tuna fish with yuca and asparagus


Ceviche made from sea bass

Portion sizes are small compared to what you will get at independent restaurants in Peru but the taste is what fills you up and leaves you satisfied!

Chicha Morada is a typical Peruvian drink that is made by heating purple corn and then leaving to cool down to drink. It is super healthy and super yummy! So it is a must try in Peru.

My main meal was tuna fish with yuca, a typical vegetable here which tastes like potato, and topped with asparagus and a slightly spicy salsa which is aji.
My brother tucked into a ceviche, which tends to be raw tilapia, seasoned such vegetables majority of the time sweet corn and onions.

Of course we needed dessert after an adventurous trekking/exploration day and this meal was our ultimate prize!


Chocolate volcano for dessert!

As you can see by the image it is a chocolate volcano cake, and rightfully given the name due to the delicious ganache which oozes out from inside once you break its tough outer shell and take a spoonful from within. It was rightfully accompanied by vanilla brownie ice cream and some strawberries, of course there had to be some fruit, in order to make you feel less guilty.

Overall not only was the food a delight in it side with a spectacular view but the attention given to the client is great! Always attentive, asking if your meal is great and asking if you need anything else. As soon as our drinks finished we got given free water which is a nice gesture also. I definitely recommend eating at Mangos as their food is unique, they make Peruvian dishes proud, attention is quick and friendly, prices are adequality priced and also there is free wifi if you ask for the password. A great food experience with an awesome chilled atmosphere and I would without a doubt rate it 5/5.


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  1. We too were surprised that there are many Michelin worthy restaurants in Lima. And yes they are good indeed!


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