Exploring Peru’s tastiest restaurants – #2 KO


Peru has a great amount of Japanese influence and history brought by the vast amount of Japanese migrants in the late 1800s. One of my favourite worldwide cuisines is Japanese; After all, I am 1/8th Japanese, so I simply had to go in and treat myself to one of my favourite cuisines. When I discovered an authentic Japanese restaurant near me, located in Larcomar in Miraflores, I had to have a taste! I certainly was not disappointed.

My main dish was the tasty salmon teriyaki, accompanied by roasted vegetables and a sweet sauce to balance the exquisite tenderness of the salmon with the side dish of rice. The taste was authentic and reminded me of one of my favourite Japanese restaurants at home, Wagamama’s, the price range was similar, although the Wagamama’s can be seen to be more generous with their portion sizes compared to this dish.

For dessert, I opted for something more ‘european’ and had a chocolate cake topped with a vanilla ice cream, boring but my favourite dessert of all time.

Finding different cuisines in Peru is easy! Moreover, there are many restaurants accommodating every taste bud across the entirety of the country, so you are never left hungry! You are treated to a huge variation of delicious food especially if you are missing some of your favourite dishes from home! I hope you get to travel Peru one day and to sample the delicious multicultural cuisine that it is home to.


3 thoughts on “Exploring Peru’s tastiest restaurants – #2 KO

  1. It was amazing for us too, to find out that Lima’s got such a diverse culinary spread on offer!

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    1. I was so happy when I found out too! Adds to their long list of wonderful attributes that I already knew it had.

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      1. Indeed! We loved our time in Lima and Peru overall!


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