Make the most out of your vacation

Being a tourist can be hard work sometimes. Rushing from each attraction to the next in our limited amount of time, trying to see a whole city with centuries of history in 168 hours can be a daunting task.

On many occasions, I have taken on way more than I can chew, and my holidays were more hectic than my average day to day life at home. However, with some practice, I have managed to cut down on stress when visiting any country. That is why I am here to remind you all to take your holiday seriously and relax and to not worry about completing the tourist manual.

1) Leave your work at home.
You have worked hard to save your money to get to your dream destination in the first place. There is no need to become even more stressed once you have arrived. Many of us find it difficult to switch to our holiday mode, and if you work online, may find it difficult to leave your work for a few days or weeks. However, as soon as you get on the plane, pull out your favourite book, put your headphones in your ears, switch your phone to aeroplane mode and remember your holiday has already begun.

2) Make sure to plan, but don’t over plan.
There are some world wonders which everybody should visit at least once in his or her life if you find themselves lucky enough to be in the city. However, do not just follow the crowd and conform to what everybody else is doing. Be selective about what you want to see and why. Not everything is a must see for everybody. Also, incorporate new thing/experiences that you know you will love to do.

3) You will have a more enjoyable experience if you take your time.
The best holidays I have, have not been the ones where I wanted to see every landmark, rushing around on my aching feet under the blazing sun. My favourite holidays were the ones where I spend hours sitting in a cafe, admiring the people walk by and appreciating the taste of the coffee. The little things are what make a holiday memorable, and those are the things we all seem to forget.

4) Time is of the essence.
We can never run away from the clock. Spend more time learning about the particular landmark you wish to learn about, rather than merely admiring many landmarks in your given time, only to take a picture and leave. It is far more interesting once you dig deeper into the surface of the given place.

5) Don’t forget you have finally left your troubles behind.
Holidays are a fantastic time to rejuvenate and relax. There can be nothing to worry about, as all your problems are no longer have been left at home. Spending time in a different country, experiencing a different culture and eating all the delicious food until your heart is content is the best way to improve yourself. Take the time to look at life around you and all the things you have at home that make you grateful. For me, that is what travelling is all about, self-discovery and improvement.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article, and find these five pieces of advice useful to you. I know many of us forget what travelling is and how much of a luxury it can be to escape your day to day battle at home. A luxury many do not have. Therefore everybody should take each day as it comes and to not overfill each day with specific tasks. Holidays are made for relaxing, not the opposite. As always I wish you all many more amazing future travels!


14 thoughts on “Make the most out of your vacation

  1. vietnamtravelandculture February 7, 2018 — 10:15 pm

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  2. Very nice tips. Exactly what we follow. Well written.

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    1. Thank you so much and I’m glad you enjoyed my article! 😁

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  3. Work… not letting go is one of the bug bears of making the most of a vacation!

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    1. I agree! And I’m guilty of that sometimes too, especially as I always try to take as many photos as I can and gather information for my blog posts. But with time, I have managed to not focus on any sort of work while on vacation. 😊

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      1. Yes! Enjoy the time and be focused on it. Be “there” and not elsewhere!

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      2. Absolutely! It’s always good to only be in the present moment, or else we become too distracted and stressed.

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  4. Good tips.

    Take care, Maria.

    Neil S.

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    1. Thank you so much! Likewise Neil 🙂


  5. No.4 is a good one, although I do a lot of research after a visit.

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    1. Thank you! I do too! Once you’ve visited the city you get so much inspiration and knowledge and it’s great to build up on that prior and after visiting 😁


  6. These are some great pieces of advice. Thanks so much for sharing them!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading! Glad you found the article useful 😁

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