On the path to minimalism

I believe minimalism and travelling go hand in hand. The less you own, the easier it is to pack up and leave, allowing the world to become your oyster. Here I will be explaining some tips which I found useful in decluttering which many of you will hopefully resonate with and understand the many benefits that are owning only a little has done for me.

Why you should try minimalism:
1) You become more sceptical about wasting money

2) You can move from one place to another with less hassle

3) It allows you to concentrate and not to become distracted by material things

4) You realise majority of what you buy you don’t even need, and we only believe we do because we give them importance

Tips on decluttering:
1) Place all your items in boxes and use only the things you need

2) Just keep wardrobe pieces that can be worn on many different occasions and a few of your absolute favourites. If you want, try living with only 30 items for the first month, and it could help you to realise what a small percentage of your wardrobe you use.

3) Don’t buy something you think you need straight away, take time to think twice about it, or else you may end up just throwing it away and wasting your money

4) Place your money into your savings for things you genuinely wish to have, helps you from spending it on unnecessary items and allows you to buy the product straight away without having to worry about monthly bills.

If you have any extra tips or want to share advice from your minimalist values, then please share them in the comment section below. And remember minimalism isn’t a competition about how little somebody can own, but realise that you do not need material things to live a fulfilled life. Only keep the items you truly want and bring you purpose in your life. As always, I wish my fellow travellers, happy travels! If you try any of these tips for yourself, please share if you would like to and inspire others to live a more purpose-filled existence.

(Cover photo taken from minimalism.life)


8 thoughts on “On the path to minimalism

  1. Fantastic article. Even before I started traveling, I was a proponent of keeping track of what I used. If I owned something I hadn’t used in a month or two, I got rid of it. If you aren’t using something, there’s really no point in having it.

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