Travelling solo versus in a group

Previously I have talked about the differences that private tours and groups tours have to offer. In this article, I am going to be talking about your journey as a whole, whether in a group of privately.
If you are used to one more than the other, hopefully, I can entice you to get out of your comfort zone and try either solo or group travel on your next trip. Whichever you are less used to participating in while travelling is a great way to get out of your comfort zone. Both hold high characteristics to build your persona, which is precisely what exploring a new land is all about.

Solo travel

You are your boss
Being alone means, you can do whatever you like, whenever you want to. There is no need to make sure everything is happy because the only goal is to make yourself happy.

Forces you to trust yourself
You have no choice when you do not have anybody to help validate your actions. Therefore your skills for survival improve, as you are the only person who can help you at the given moment.

It builds your confidence
Having to rely on yourself, talk to strangers by yourself, read maps, walk the streets alone, makes you a stronger person. The more we do alone, we realise how strong we are and that we do not need others to feel protected, because we do all of that by ourselves.

Group travel

You can cut costs
By travelling with more people, you can all help pay towards hotels, ticket entrances and food if you are all willing to help each other out.

Allows you to build closer bonds and also make new friends
By travelling with people, you already know, you create memories and share experiences which in turn form tighter friendships. If you travel with a group of people whom you do not know, that is an excellent opportunity to develop new friendships and push yourself out of the comfort zone.

Great for team building
Being in stressful situations with people you may know very well, or not well at all forces you to trust one another, which is a great manner for team building and creating bonds with each other.

I hope these reasons for both solo and group travel have given you a perspective on which to select for your future travel adventures. Comment below which one you prefer, and as always I wish you all happy travels.

(Photo taken at Chernobyl)


6 thoughts on “Travelling solo versus in a group

  1. To be honest, it takes effort to make friends when out on a group tour. Frequently one has groups of friends or family in those and they may be more interested to bond within their own rather than include a stranger…


    1. Out of my own experience, all the groups tours I have been with people who go out of their way to get to know somebody and get along with everybody there. Either when I’m by myself or with family/friends. I have gained so much knowledge and friendships from being in group tours. Depends on luck I guess.

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  2. I love seeing your posts, it inspires me to travel more! Since I enjoy your content and blogging style, I decided to nominate you for the Mystery Blogger Award! I would be thrilled if you would accept. 🙂 If not, this is simply my way of saying your blog is great. Here’s the link to my post if you are interested!

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    1. Thank you so much for the nomination, of course I will accept! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog! I will check yours out right away 😊

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  3. Solo travel is the best!


    1. Yes, I agree! Although I do like group travel from time to time too.


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