How to plan your dream trip

It may be daunting to plan your dream trip, with after all those months of saving and working hard, having to plan it by yourself may be an extra task. You can, of course, visit a travel agency, and they will do it all for you, but if you wish to make it extra special and plan out everything just the way you like it, then it is possible to do it all by yourself and soak in your reward once you have at your chosen destination.
Thankfully living in the 21st century and the golden age of technology means there is always help at our fingertips. With the number of apps and websites to compare flights, hotels and activities, you can become your travel agent., if you have the time.
In this article, I will give you basic tips and help you to plan your journey.

Always book your flights first
The most straightforward task, but one many forget to do, or decide that leaving it to the last minute is the best thing to do. Without a flight, you have no way of getting to your destination, even if it is all already planned. Do not leave it to fate, hoping prices will drop because in reality the closer to the leaving date, the more expensive flights get. Usually a month prior departing is when I find the cheapest deals, but companies such as Skyscanner and Kayak tell you whether to book now or wait as they predict prices will drop or get higher.

Booking your hotel
If you find a good hotel deal, save it. Spend a while searching through hotels to see where the better deal lies. If you do not have much time in a day, book your hotel with free cancellation and then you can cancel if you do find a better deal. Many different hotel comparison sites are offering various deals, but I always use as I find their rates are consistently the best. I enjoy the company so much that I become an ambassador for them, so if you wish to save yourself a little bit of cash on your booking, click here.

Choose how you are going to spend your days
If you are a keen explorer, select what things you would like to do daily. I tend to choose my favourite things to put on my list, at least two so that it gives me enough time to enjoy the sight rather than rushing around and seeing nothing. If you do manage to have extra time, then that is great. You can then include the other places that did not make it onto the list. If you feel you still have not seen everything that you wish, well that only means you have an excuse to go back!

Selecting activities
When you know for sure what you want to see and that it fits well with your itinerary, I would recommend booking tickets prior visiting, especially during peak seasons, June-September. You are most likely to get ripped off when queues are longer than usual than when booking online. It will also curate for a stress-free, well organised holiday.

Do your research
Last but not least, you have to do your research especially if you are on a budget. Travelling being expensive is often a myth, as everything can be cheap if you want it to be and you know how to save the money. Spending your time in exchange for saving some bucks, is well worth it. Finding which airline, hotel, activities work best for you is vital to creating an incredible adventure that you will cherish forever.

I hope you have enjoyed my tips, and if you wish to share any, please feel free to comment below and help the fellow travellers of the world. As always, I wish you happy travels!


2 thoughts on “How to plan your dream trip

  1. Additional tip: Ask your hosts (the hostel/hotel/AirBnB staff) for recommendations of things to do/see when you arrive. They’ll often be able to tell you what the most popular activities are, and can tailor them to your travel style (do you like history, nature, art…). Then, do some quick research, and see if you can find what they recommended for cheaper. In some cases, the accommodation has deals with local vendors, and you can find cheaper ways to do the things they recommend.

    If you do decide to take their advice, many places offer concierge service. This can be especially useful if you’re in a place where you don’t speak the local language. It’s like you get the best parts of a travel agent, and booking yourself. Technology is awesome, but sometimes humans are just as good and included with the price you payed for your visit.

    I know these aren’t exactly planning tips, but they can definitely add value to your trip.

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    1. Thank you so much for your input! Super helpful advice! 😁


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