About my name – travelling sloth

If you follow me on social media, you know about my handles. So, let me take you on an adventure. Follow my words, and you will arrive at the destination of my name. Travelling sloth. It’s a simple concoction of a verb and a noun. Both living together in perfect harmony. Just like me. The definition of my name is what my name represents. I like to travel, and in nature, I am a sloth. I honestly am the definition of lazy. Believe it or not. I’m that lazy traveller who can get stressed way too quickly, and that is why I like to live a simple life and make what is a stressful situation for many, into a luxury stress-free way of living. Just like my favourite arboreal mammal, I like to take each second of each day as it comes, so that is why I chose to become the embodiment of my name. Here you are at your chosen destination. Hope you had a pleasant journey reading this and as always, I wish you happy travels!



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