Chasing countries

Hopping from one plane to the next, getting to the next place to rest. Only for a day, as I continue my adventures in a different environment. Surviving on little sleep, daydreams, and little to eat, I ponder outside to wander. Take to the city’s streets, look around and stop to breathe. Soaking in every inch of what the country has got to offer me. Taking delight in capturing living moments through a lens, I snap away until my heart is content. That smile on my face is contagious to the rest, as the people welcome me to their home, their sanctuary that they allow me to become part of my soul. Remaining with me until I grow old.

This world is our own, and we create it. From the good to the bad. At least it is our place, and in every corner, we find new pieces of ourselves we did not know we had lost. Travel as far as you can, as often as you can. Become enticed in the wander the world has to offer. For life is created to enjoy. This world was designed to be explored. Don’t find excuses to remain in your zone of comfort. Find excuses to live a life you feel proud to show. That is why we should chase countries until our last breath is inhaled.

I hope I continue to inspire many people to travel the world and that my articles are useful to you all. As always, happy travels my fellow adventure seekers!


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