How travelling the world makes you a storyteller

Imagination. We all have it- From the second we were born, we try to escape our reality into dreamland. Travel allows you to expand your creativity to new limits. Peeking over new horizons, you find bucket loads of it. You gather words of wisdom from humans who are the people who breed a generation of writers.

R.L Stevenson and Ernest Hemingway, among many other iconic figures in literature, would deeply involve their adventures into their work. Projecting reality within their fiction. Not only entertaining the masses but teaching readers about life as much in their time, as they continue to do so now.

One of the best forms to gather inspiration is exploring new lands. That is why travelling is not only my obsession but my primary source of inspiration for my fiction writing, just as much as my blog writing. Since I began travelling more often and earnestly, I have accumulated many ideas, why I shall publish in the near future, for you all to hopefully enjoy. And as always, I wish all my fellow travellers to keep exploring the globe! Happy travels to you all!

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