Whisk yourself away to the French Riviera

It’s summer, and you’re deciding what to do. Well, do not worry, because I have contrived the perfect destination for you. The French Riviera. With the Mediterranean waves, hitting the beach, and warm evenings to enjoy delicious dining, this calming atmosphere is the perfect place to regenerate your mind and soul.

The beautiful small town of Èze

Comprised of numerous cities, the most famed being Nice, Cannes and of course the second smallest country in the world, Monaco, not only does the French Riviera ooze character, glamour and fashion, but it is one of the most popular destinations for the summer months. Not difficult to understand why.

Renowned for its luxury lifestyle, Monaco

Many have the perception that it is an expensive place to take your vacation, but in reality, it is accommodating to every budget. Small or large. There are restaurants of all quality, serving an array of cuisines, not only French, and the beach offers private areas for people who wish to pay, and also public spaces which are of course, free.

Mostly known for its glamour, Cannes

So, if you have not decided on where to go for a relaxing break, reconsider giving the French Riviera a try and if you have already visited the gorgeous French coast, then please comment below your experience. Hopefully, my photos will entice you to put your feet in the mild waters of the Mediterranean sea. I wish you all happy travels, wherever it is that the world takes you.

The hidden gem of the French Riviera, Mentón



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