The forgotten city of Herculaneum, Italy

DSC_0157Once a vibrant coastal city, where only the wealthy Romans could afford to live, Herculaneum has become nothing more than rubble and ruins. Living in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, there was no escape for its inhabitants when the infamous explosion occurred in 79ad. Pompeii is the main tourist attractions when visiting the coast of Naples, but you should not forget to take a day tour to Herculaneum. Here I will explain why you should add Herculaneum to your bucket list.

1) History is well preserved.
In some ways, Herculaneum is a more exciting place to visit than Pompeii. Surrounded by volcanic rock, its location gives you a far more precise idea of the magnitude of the ghastly volcanic eruption. While roofs in Pompei collapsed under the weight of falling ash, it is stated that only a few centimetres of ash fell on Herculaneum, causing little damage. You can wander the streets, and feel as though you are part of the Roman era. It’s an experience you will not forget.

2) Easily accessible.
Whether you are located in Naples or Salerno, getting to Herculaneum is easy. With access from buses, trains, and tours. Luckily everywhere is practical to travel within Italy and very reasonably priced too, with trips around three euro one way, so it leaves you with no excuse to not hop on the train and dive straight into a piece of history.


3) Walk through time.
Alongside Pompeii, the most famous city engulfed by the Volcano’s ash and debris, Herculaneum is a must see while you are there. It is said, that the inhabitants died instantaneously, quicker than the inhabitants of Pompeii, due to the hot ash, causing their brains to burst. You can’t see the skeletons from up close, unfortunately, but you can from afar, and the sight is still daunting.

4) It’s an excellent location for a walk.
Why not stretch your legs, while taking in the history and learning more about the city you are visiting? There is nothing better than learning while exercising. And with summer weather being glorious in the South of Italy, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to visit Herculaneum.

If you have not already visited this fantastic city of Herculaneum, I hope that this article has inspired you. If you have been and you wish to leave some recommendations or tips, please comment them down below. As always, I hope you all have happy travels, wherever it is that you are travelling to next.



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  1. A great article, Maria – we were lucky enough to visit Herculaneum a couple of years ago, and loved it.

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