How to vacation like a pro

Planning your escape to another city or country is very exciting. However, organising the trip, not so much. From packing to planning, I have curated a list of things that will help you with your next journey, so that you can travel with ease and have the best time, not the worst time.

1) Your phone makes everything easier.
Thanks to the world we live in, airlines and hotels all have their apps so that you can get your boarding passes and hotel bookings all in one place. Less baggage, and fewer things to hassle with, giving you peace of mind. All you need is your phone when you travel. This handy device is not only what you need to get from A to B, but also to capture your amazing memories with the camera.

2) Learn the lingo.
One part of travelling is learning. Not only the culture, history but also the language. You don’t have to be fluent, but learning the basics in any language will help you a lot. Apps such as ‘Duolingo’ which is free, are great ways to practice on the go.

3) Don’t stay in one city.
If you want to see more of the world, you need to venture out! There is nothing wrong with staying in one place the entirety of your vacation; however, there are so many hidden gems in every country which aren’t known to the average tourist. If you have extra time and feel bored, then you can research how to get to the next city and have a wander. You never know what you may find.

4) Plan ahead.
To experience the city in the way which you want to experience it, make plans for the highlights and all the things you want to do. Making plans gives you clarity and a bigger picture of how much time you need, how much to spend, how much to pack etc. therefore it’s always a must on my list.

5) Keep it basic.
When it comes to packing, make sure to keep it basic. You don’t need everything in your house for a few days getaway. Pair your outfits ahead, and take the things you use on a daily basis. Everything else is not necessary. Learning this tactic can help you to make hand luggage with you anywhere you go, leaving you with fewer things to carry and no extra surcharge on cheap flights.

6) Try to blend in.
To avoid pickpockets trying to steal from you, and street vendors avidly pushing you to buy their products, try not to hang your camera around your neck, or have a large map in hand. This appearance makes you known to the world that you are a tourist, and unfortunately many think that tourists are an easier target than anybody else. To relieve yourself from unnecessary stress, try to dress like the locals, and you will not be annoyed by strangers.

I hope you have found these tips helpful, and have learnt something new. As always, I wish you all the best on your next adventure! Let’s see where the world takes you.


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