Top five cities to visit in Germany

If you have not visited Germany already, then I advise that you do. Not only does it have great architecture, delicious cuisine, and over 2 millennia of history, but there is a balance between wildlife, city life and town life, boasting some of the best, picturesque villages in Europe and of course, castles. I have selected my top places in Germany, and why you should visit them right now.


1) Rothenburg ob der Tauber
This small village has become relatively well known within the last few years, and it is easy to see why. With its architecture and streets, it looks like a toy town, and its relaxing atmosphere is excellent if you wish to take a break from the city. Only an hour and 40 minutes drive from Frankfurt, this is an excellent spot if you want to sample some of their famous sweet treats, known as the snowball, ‘schneeballen’ in German.

Points of interest: The Old Town and Rathaus (Town Hall), The Old Town Walls, Medieval crime museum.
Average time to spend in the city: A day or two is enough to sample what this beautiful quaint town has to offer. It indeed is a great escape from hectic day to day life, and you will most certainly feel rejuvenated after spending some time here.

DSCN27342) Hanau
Home to the famous Grimm Brothers, who wrote the majority of our beloved childhood fairy tales, Hanau is more than the birthplace of the great authors. Located 25km east of Frankfurt am Main. This city is a great visit if you want to go someplace that is not a tourist hub. It is a simpler place, with not much happening, but it still is an excellent place if you want to explore Germany and you are located close by.

Points of interest: Schloss Philippsruhe, Wildpark, State Park WIlhemsbad.
Average time to spend in the city: A day or two is sufficient to get a taste of Hanau.

DSCN22783) Frankfurt
The Metropolitan capital of Germany, not to be mistaken for Frankfurt Oder which borders Poland, Frankfurt am Main is the banking centre for Germany. Just like any other significant city in the world, London, New York, Frankfurt offers excellent day and nightlife to its locals and tourists. With its futuristic skyline occupying the town, Frankfurt is a must if you want to experience the essence of modern Germany.

Points of interest: Senckenberg Natural History Museum, The Palm Garden, The Museum District, The Römerberg, St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral.
Average time to spend in the city: To see everything, and experience what the city has to offer, four to five days should be sufficient to take it all in.

DSCN17144) Stuttgart
Home to Porsche and Mercedes Benz, Stuttgart is known as the capital of Mechanical engineering in Germany. With beautiful buildings and castles in its city centre, Stuttgart is perfect for avid car fanatics as well as people who want to have a weekend break.

Points of interest: Neues Schloss Castle, Schlosspark, Mercedes Benz Museum, Porsche Museum.
Average time to spend in the city: You can comfortably see all of its attractions and sample the day and nightlife in three days.

DSCN23465) Rüdesheim am Rhein
Famously depicted in the 1960’s film, ‘G.I Blues’, starring Elvis Presley and Juliet Prowse, this tourist city is beautiful and tranquil, but with more vibrancy than Rothernburg. Most famous for its iconic cable car journey, which whisks you through the picturesque village and across its vineyards and finally to the famous Niederwald Monument.

Points of interest: Niederwald Monument, Ehrenfels Castle, Drosselgasse, Rheinstein Castle, Eibingen Abbey, Siegfried’s Mechanical Musical Cabinet, Cable Car.
Average time to spend in the city: With most points of attraction being relatively close to one another, two to three days is a considerable amount of time to spend in the tourist town.



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