How to travel non-stop

So, you’ve decided that travelling once or twice a year isn’t sufficing your appetite anymore? Don’t worry, because with a little bit of courage you can travel the world non-stop. Living inside a plane, rather than a house. Here are my tips as to how you can live that lifestyle.

Use your hobbies to earn money
We all have things that we excel at, so why not teach your hobbies abroad rather than at home? Be it photography or horseback riding. Research which countries are most likely to need your knowledge and expertise and then get paid to teach what you love!

Master the English Language
If you dominate the English language well, then you can virtually travel anywhere as a TEFL teacher and get paid to live and explore that new country! Learning the English language is what many countries would love to learn therefore you have a pretty open spectrum as to where you would like to travel. Be it South America or Asia.

Learn to scrimp and save
Maybe flying is comfortable, but paying for it, not so much. Don’t waste your money on things excessively, instead keep your pennies to buy the next flight ticket. They are not expensive when you book in at least a month’s advance.

Pack light
Or as light as possible. This can be a challenge especially when travelling a long distance; you think you need the entirety of your wardrobe! However, packing light means you have less to worry about and fewer fees to pay at the airport. Try detoxing from things that don’t serve you much a few months before travelling and then you realise how little you need to look good and survive!

Look after yourself
If you fly from city to country to continent, you need some time to look after yourself. As an introvert, I can sense the stress rising when I don’t have time for myself; therefore I need to make sure I make time for myself to feel 100%. Go for a massage or exercise to melt the stress away. Flying frequently can not only take a toll physically but also mentally, so you have to be prepared for the challenge.

I hope you have received some inspiration from this article, and if you are somebody who travels non-stop, please share how you can see the world to inspire many. As always, I wish everybody many happy travels!


6 thoughts on “How to travel non-stop

  1. I can definitely relate to the introvert part! Especially if you’re staying in hostels or anything along those lines. lol


    1. Being around people for too long drains my energy and I begin to forget who I truly am. I always need to go into hibernation until I regain that energy! So I completely understand what travelling from hostel to hostel is like for introverts. Travelling can be hard sometimes, but we as introverts still love it!


    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the article. 😁

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  2. In January, I got rid of everything that didn’t fit into a backpack, and started traveling full time. If you’re from a western or first world country, you can live more cheaply while traveling than at home with a ‘normal’ job. So if you’re already making money doing something that doesn’t require you to be any place in particular, I highly recommend exploring the world.

    Unfortunately, my method won’t work for most people as it involved working for the same company for 20 years, and saving money. I then invested most of the money I saved, and managed to accumulate a decent passive income stream. If I’d known what I know now when I was in my twenties, I would have found an English teaching job, and started a traveler lifestyle much sooner.

    There are many ways to fund traveling though. It seems every time I meet someone that travels full perpetually, they each have a different method of funding themselves. If you want it badly enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. You are quite an inspiration! And I wholeheartedly agree. I live by the quote “If there is a will, there is a way.”


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