Why you should visit Portugal in 2018

The stunning Pena Palace in Sintra.

Majority of the time, Portugal is overlooked by many. Especially the northern part of the country. However, Portugal is not just great as a beach destination. It offers so much more than a warm climate, which is the primary reason why many people travel to the country for the summer. Year-round, Portugal is a country who warmly welcomes their visitors and are proud of their history, culture, and language.

After many years of believing that visiting Portugal would be a waste of money and time, I am here to tell you that I wish I had gone to this beautiful country much, much sooner! Last month I had the privilege of witnessing Porto, Lisbon, Sintra and the island of Madeira and I am here to tell you why you should add Portugal to your bucket list right away.

1) Everybody is just too damn friendly!
Maybe I’m lucky, to be around super generous, loving people wherever I travel to, however after spending two weeks going from city to city in train or plane, I can say that the Portuguese are some of the most caring, and helpful people you can ever meet! It’s true when they say the people make a nation, because who wants to go to a country who despises tourists anyway? Nobody.
The entirety of Portugal is excellent for solo travellers, families, anybody really from anywhere in the world. I have never felt safer in a country than in Portugal, and that is the truth.


2) The landscapes and architecture.
Every country in the world has gorgeous landscapes, and architecture, right? That is true. However, every country and city is different. Portugal, especially Porto and Lisbon, capture the essence of their history and they keep it alive in their modern way of life. Porto is home to the famous Dom Luis I Bridge, which was designed by Gustave Eiffel, and it sure takes your breath away, just like the Eiffel tower. If you want to witness bright and lively buildings, Portugal is the place to go.

3) One for the foodies.
Serving some of the best seafood dishes, Portugal is a mecca for foodies. Often not seen as an excellent place for cuisine in Europe, unlike France and Italy, you will be begging for Portuguese food once you arrive back home. Some of the best dishes are found in the South and Lisbon.

4) You genuinely feel on holiday.
Life in Portugal is relaxing. Even in the capital city of Lisbon. It is unlike many other capital cities of the world, as you genuinely feel like you are on holiday, not in a bustling city. There is always time in Portugal, and thankfully their cities are not that large, which gives you plenty of time to reach your destination and take in all the atmosphere surrounding you. In particular, Porto, where you don’t need any form of transportation to see the main highlights, only good sturdy shoes.

5) There’s a little bit of everything.
Beach, forests, architecture, cuisine, weather. Portugal has the whole package. There is something for everybody, any time of the year and that is ultimately what makes this country just so amazing and an excellent place for tourists from all over the world to appreciate.

Portugal has quickly become one of my favourite destinations to visit, and I will plan a trip back soon! Have you visited Portugal yet? Has this article inspired you to visit the glory of Portugal in the future? Tell me about your travel plans and if you have already visited Portugal, tell me what you think about the country! As always, I wish everybody happy travels to wherever in our beautiful world you are heading to next.

Madeira, Portugal.



2 thoughts on “Why you should visit Portugal in 2018

  1. I’m from Portugal and I’m so glad you liked visiting it 🙂 And it’s true, we do love tourists and want to make sure everyone has the best time there!


    1. I would say it’s one of the best countries to visit in Europe! Definitely made it to my top 5 and I absolutely got a positive vibe visiting the cities that I did. I’m glad Portuguese people are really caring towards tourists, makes it such a beautiful and memorable experience. 😁


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