Five reasons to solely travel with hand luggage

The best and least stressful way to travel has to be with less luggage. Be it only a backpack or suitcase. In this article, I will share some more tips on why you should strive to travel light. And if you already do travel light, leave a comment below on why you started travelling with fewer articles and how it has improved your own travel experience.

1) You cut airline fees
If you want to travel a lot, you need to know where to reduce costs. Budget airlines give you incredible deals; sometimes they are just too good to be true! But they hit you with significant fines when it comes to selecting seats and especially luggage. If you want to see a new country for less than €20 return, then you are going to have to sacrifice those extra clothes you most likely won’t even need.

2) Less likely to lose your items
The less you carry, the less you have to worry about. Packing a certain amount of things will eliminate the chances of you losing or forgetting something.

3) Better for the environment
Did you know that if we all carry less, then the plane will not need as much additional fuel? So, not only does it benefit ourselves but also the environment. Hopefully, one day it can mean that flight prices can decrease too.

4) Less likely to miss a flight
I am not sure how accurate this statement is, although I have experienced it first hand myself. Thanks to only having a backpack with me, I managed to make my flight even though suitcases had been stored away and the check-in desk had closed. Maybe I was lucky, or maybe packing only hand luggage does allow people to look the only way.

5) It doesn’t deflect from your reason for travelling
Travel for me is a form of meditation and rehabilitation. You don’t need all your material items to make your trip worthwhile. All you need is yourself. So I believe that travelling with less makes you appreciate your experience more.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and if there are any other benefits to travelling light, don’t forget to leave a comment below. As always I am wishing everybody happy travels!


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